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My prospective strategy

I have just signed up and been wondering what to do for my first gig.

so I have been thinking how I would get my first gig sale on fiverr. I will offer my virtual assistant services at a very low rate like 2 hours for 5 dollars and then once I impress the customer with my skills and cheerful manner, they will want to hire me again later when my rates have risen.
but I want to ask, how can you be a virtual assistant if you’re not allowed to talk to fiverr people on the phone?


You don’t have any gigs to sell your services with!

In order to obtain buyers you’ll have to create a gig!

Best of luck!

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Nice strategy, but a buyer may abuse your services if it’s too cheap. Good luck, let us know about your progress. :smiley:

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I think you should start by creating a Gig, with nice clear description. Do a promo video or upload images to illustrate your gig. Set a price you feel comfortable with. Perhaps instead of lowering your price, think: what I could give to surprise the client…I don’t know. If they need someone to make an agenda; go over the top with it, get creative and show your skills and initiative.

I think the most important thing is that people get to understand what you offer; under what terms.
There is someone around that needs your service and probably will agree with your offer, and if not; there is always communication.

After that, try to find something at the buyer’s request.

Give it a change 1 or 2 weeks and see how it goes.


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Fiverr doesn’t exactly stop you from using your phone. No, Fiverr just stops you from contacting buyers privately. Contacts are sold here on the Fiverr platform and Fiverr hasn’t raised a brow since. Try to avoid contacting your buyers privately using phones or emails. If they want you to assist them in calling other people, you can do that but not your buyer. That way, Fiverr can monitor every business activity.

Being a virtual assistant is not a bad job, you can simply create a nice gig. I can help you in a few ways but, I’d recommend you read the Fiverr ToS.