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My Question to the Top Forum members..?


@madmoo @oldbittygrandma @hotwebideas @tn5rr2012 @anarchofighter @arnevb @lparziale @magisworks @shawnecannon @princemaxx

Plz Review My gig… I have Already Got Some Feedback From Our Dear OBG…

But Others Plz Let Me Know…

Why am i not getting any orders…??


What happened to Mark Zuckerberg’s face?

Also, you may consider showing a before and after, as tbh, the portraits just look like a touched up photo, not an actual portrait


Hi and how great it is you are asking for feedback, it seems you really want to succeed. I agree that your gigs have been done here and your quality may be a bit lower. Practice and make some better examples that may entice folks and over deliver until you get rated. Meaning offer more than your competition just to get started. Hope it helps and I applaud your enthusiasm.


Reply to @lparziale: Glad you liked it… Thank u mom…


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