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My ranked gig vanished from search result

My gig is active bt does not appear on search result . Fully vanished. That gig was ranked on first page.But i can find the gig anywhere .

What is the reason ?


Contact Fiverr Support and explain this problems

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I have to face same problem.


I have the same problem on my 1 gig. I was already open a ticket for it.

We can’t help you sadly. Only customer support can. A couple of years ago they were happy to restore gig rankings by forwarding a request to their editorial team. But there have been some new changes and they can’t do it anymore for some reason, probably because gigs have been moved from first page for a reason and not because of a bug.

Their new algorithm likes to show bad lowly selling gigs first, so your good gig is on other pages even when sorting by best selling.

I’m not sure what is the goal of recommending new or bad gigs first to potential buyers. Recommending an established highly sold gig first would at least make me to purchase more likely if I was a new buyer.

Take support from fiverr and explain detailed.

It’s an algorithm game. Most probably your gig has fallen for some reason. Check this out: Lost Gig rankings suddenly?