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My Ranking in search results

Hi Dear Friends,

I’m a new seller on Fiverr and I’ve been here for the past two month… I was very active and responsive on the platform and also completed about 16 orders(which I think is good for a beginner!) Also I tweaked my gigs several times to get better Tags and meta data and etc. But my main question is when I look at the search results in my category(Music Production) sometimes I see gigs that seem to be less active than mine but ranked so much higher in search results! Can anyone help me understand why?



I have similiar problem.
I cant find my gig by using search engine (im not even on the last page) but when i go to my gig and press TAG under it i can find myself on 1st page

Its weird becasue by using search eninge i can see people with no reviews or like 2-5 reviews. Its sad that im not listed here because i did around 50 orders with 5 star rate this month. This fiverr system is weird

@gownix123 Did you complete any projects? Do you have reviews?

i think that u have to read more

Fiverr rotates the gigs around daily. I’m pretty sure when you first started out, your gig held a better position then others that were doing better.

On another note. What you see when you search your gig is different from what other people see. You might see your gig on the 2nd page, I might see that same gig on the 4th page.

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Wait, one day you will be successful.

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@wp_rapid_speed Thanks for the advice :wink:

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@j6nyc6 Thanks…maybe you’re right, I should wait and see :+1:

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If you’re receiving orders you have nothing to worry about.

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