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My ranking is improving but why sales decreasing?

I am working very hard to improve my ranking maintaining on time delivery, faster response and avoiding order cancellation and its improving my ranking… :slight_smile: But why views, clicks and order decreasing rapidly?

Sales come and go; this is part of the cycle of business. When sales are down, work on improving your gigs so that they are better prepared for when sales rise again.

Thanks for your comment but would you please give me some tips on improving gigs when sales are down?

And what about the clicks and views?

There’s an incredible place on this forum called Tips for Sellers, which sometimes even has useful tips that you can read and then do!

ok, thanks for your suggestion, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

@azizar186 - You can find all the information you need to improve your gigs either in the Fiverr Academy, or by reading the Tips For Sellers forum. If you require a more personal approach to your gigs, please post your request in the Improve My Gig forum.