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My rating goes down

Hi everyone!!
I’m in trouble…I need your suggestions…
2 days ago,i got an order.I worked completely according to buyer demand.I communicated well.I gave her response well.Even i offered some services to her in bonus.Throughout,until delivery time,buyer was satisfied.Then suddenly after delivery time,when it comes to give a feedback n rating time.She gave a review with just 3 star rating.I dont know why she did like this.Now am very worried how to handle it.I’m not able to send buyer requests.My overall rating is 4.And as a new seller,i dont know what to do.Please give me some suggestions.I will be thankful to all of you.


You are not able to send offers to buyer requests due to your seller level not because of the ratings. Sellers with 0-level are not likely to see many buyer requests frequently.

I also had this type of client who was satisfied with literally every detail of the product but left me a 4.3 rating, and that surely affected my overall ratings.

But the drop in ratings get back to normal after a positive progress.

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No.i was able to send buyers requests before this tragedy…After that,it happened to me…bcz i think 90%rating is must for sending requests…Now i dont know what will happen