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My Rating Gone Down Want to Regain it

I have completed 11 orders with 5 star but today one of my customers gave me 4.3 Stars i asked him about the issue he said there is no issue but i gave it mistakenly i thought its not important.
so now what should i do to come back again t 5 stars ?


To complete more orders with 5 stars. There is no other way.

And we would advise you never ever ask your clients about ratings, you can get a warning for that.


Thanks for quick reply but how many more 5 star delieveries i need to comeback again on 5 Stars ?

You need to calculate “average” number. It’s elementary school program.

But to help you @maitasun wrote 2 amazing posts on how to calculate it. You can look up for those two topics.

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Thanks, María.

Here is the one that will help @ahmedudasi.

Losing & Regaining Points: Rating (Part 2) - Maintaining / Gaining Points

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