My rating is 63%, someone want to help me, with tips?


My rating is bad, because i received 5 stars and 1.7 stars, so, if someone want to help me purchaisng the gig, and give a good rating, please so much, i will be very grateful…


what do you mean by received 5 stars and 1.7 stars


i got 2 reviews, someone left 5 stars, and other one left 1.7 stars,actually 2 stars,


i just need a few more reviews, for example 3-5 excelent reviews,! I don’t want your money, i just want to have a good rating, to people order from me…!!! please!


Haha, let me translate it to your language: Your request is against the Fiverr rules and your account can get banned for this. :wink:


ok, but what i can do to grow the rating?? any tips?


You can’t just do gigs that someone is interested in :joy: Do gigs, that you actually can do well. :wink: