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My rating is not getting increased

I am new to this forum and I am sorry if I am posting this in wrong forum.

In the past, I had one bad rating gig and due to that I lost all my rating. Actually, I contacted the Fiverr support and they did not resolve the issue but the buyer was able to post negative review 3 time and I lost the rating from 98% to 84%.

Later on due to positive rating I was able to get 91% rating but after that, having all positive ratings, my rating is the same (91%). It seems that there is some lock on my rating or some issue with it.

Can anyone help me? Any Fiverr support person?

There’s nothing locked, it’s simple math.

You have 19x5 star + 1x1 star + 1x0 star = 96

The maximum you could have is 21x5 star = 105

96/105 = 0,91 ==> 91%

Hope that helps!