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My Rating is not increasing, please suggest!

Hello Guys, i am in a bit complex situation at the moment!

I am a victim of forced order cancellations. Few orders on whom I worked hard, i decided not to refund and buyer gave me negative feedback. During that time, my overall rating was 72%. From there, i worked extremely hard and revived the rating to 89%.

Now, my rating is not increasing from 89% and i don’t know why! I have noticed that Fiverr guys increase the rating by 1 percent only if the buyer is from new country. If every new buyer is from same old country with whom I have already worked, it do not increase my rating even after gaining over 10 to 15 positive reviews.

I am desperately waiting to re-attain my Level 1 Badge but i think have a very poor luck:((

I just want to know, is there someone who has the same problem like mine?

Is it a glitch or just Fiverr’s own rating system?

Is there anyone who can guide or induce some motivation within me on this? :frowning:


Have you tried contacting fiver customer support?

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Yes, i contact them but they just told me that rating is based on our system. “We can’t do anything”


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It may be because your buyers are not leaving feedback or a thumbs up. When you deliver your orders you can politely request a “thumbs up” and feedback if they are pleased with your order.

If you have regular customers that you have build a relationship with who forget to rate your order you can send them a friendly reminder.

It will take time but your rating will go back up.

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@jais5678 Surprisingly, my buyers are giving me feedback as well. If you can see my gigs that i am getting positive feedback on regular basis but still the problem persist. As i mentioned in the post above, do you think Fiverr guys elevate the rating only if the buyer is from a new country.

I have noticed that!!!


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Honestly I’ve never seen such behaviour… that doesn’t mean you’re right, but I’ve never seen or read this…

About your negative feedbacks: if you’re absolutely sure that those feedbacks were not deserved and you can prove your customer was wrong, write Customer Support, give them all the proofs you can to show what happened and maybe they can remove bad feedbacks…

Anyway, keep working well and your badge wil be restored soon!!

Good luck!


Thanks @mark74 for for your time to reply. I do not have issue with feedbacks but i have an issue with Fiverr’s rating system. In the last few days, i’ve noticed that they increase my ranking by 1 % only if my buyer is from new country. If the buyer from other countries with whom I have already worked give me even 10 positive feedbacks, Fiverr guys do not bother to increase the rating even by 1 percent.

If any new buyer from a new country gives me even a single positive feedback, my rating goes up by 1 percent. Hope you are getting my point. More explanation below:

My sales:

US - 80 Sales

UK - 20 Sales

Aus - 37 Sales

Canada - 16 Sales

Suppose i have worked only with the buyers from above countries. If even a new buyer from these countries give me lots of positive feedback, my rating will not go up even by 1 percent.

On the other hand, if any new buyer from other countries such as Morocco, Brazil, France, Ireland buys my gig and give me positive feedback, my rating goes up by 1 % for every new buyer.


I think now it is explained to every seller and they should know about it!


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Wohooo, Level 2 Badge is given to me!!

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I don’t think that the Rating is calculated according to new customers on different countries. Instead of that, I say that the rating is calculated by the total number of Positives and Negatives.

Simply, It’s easy to down your rating with just 1 Negative, But the reverse is not the same. 1 Positive won’t increase much of your Rating. Always do the calculations. :slight_smile:

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I have another problem, because of 95% grading ,I am not getting orders because I can’t contact buyer. If you could tell me with low rating how you are approaching or getting orders.Thanks

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@luikangmk Yes, you are right!



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hello sir,
buyer cheat. he send me order. I’ve make blogspot blog for him and with seo service. he said me i need more page views. ok i give him more views but he send me negative review. help me


hellow brother,s …i also can,t contact with bayer,s because of low rating …have you any suggestion for me…i m first level saller.

Congrats! :slight_smile:

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Why did you reply to a 2 years old post :frowning:
You could have created your own maybe?


Your math is off. This is a FOUR year old post.

December 2013 was almost four years ago.