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My Rating issue

Hello everyone, i am a seller here. I had 6 orders completed with 5.0 rating but 1 buyer gave me 4.0 rating and the total ratings become 4.9. And after that i have completed other 3 orders with 5.0 rating, but still the 4.9 is not being converted into 5.0. Please anyone help me, how can i do that now?


All you can do is get more 5 :star: ratings. If you do the math right now you have nine 5.0 ratings and one 4.0 rating, which adds up to 49 and 49 divided by ten is 4.9.

Even if you get ten more 5.0 ratings that would add 50 to your 49 total and if you divide 99 by twenty you will get 4.95. I am not sure if that would round up to a 5 average or not.


Okay thankyou for help

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