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My rating still remained as N/A

I delivered a job and the buyer dropped a 5star review but my rating still remained as N/A…
Pls what can be the cause


Hi @lekeyztv

Not sure what N/A rating means, but I see you got a 5* review about 6 hours ago and your overall rating is 4.9


I have 10 reviews but yesterday when I checked my account. it is showing me N/A means nothing.

Well, that was yesterday.Today your profile is showing your rating. Maybe it was a bug.


If it showed N/A on your dashboard or analytics page for the rating it might be because that figure might only be updated once per day and it only takes the last 60 days into account. So if you hadn’t completed any orders in the last 60 days the last time the process ran to calculate your 60 day average rating it may have shown “N/A” but the next day when it ran it would take the new order, with its rating into account.

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Thanks I just saw that too

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