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My Rating Went Down Automatically

Hi everyone, my rating was 4.8 and it suddenly dropped to 4.7 few days back on its own without any negative review or review less than 5 star. I dont get it why is this happening to me? Same thing happened back in January before the Evaluation day. Should I contact the CS?

You got a lower review 17 days ago. Since your percentage is recalculated daily based on the past 60 days, any review less than 5 stars can affect you as you go along.

Edited to add - I also see a lowered review a month ago. That’s as far as I went, but it appears to be calculating correctly.


Thank you dear sir for this useful information.

@fonthaunt is a smashing lady! :woman_facepalming:


:sweat_smile: sorry I take my words back.