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My ratings going down almost daily

My ratings going down almost daily why even i have nor order cancellation or order late delivery so why on time delivery

ratings going down own self?

So, that another big Fiverr mistake. Once you have revision after the order time completion, it will add one additional day, but it will mark it as late. Once I saw that one order was late, while it had one more day added by Fiverr. And after that, the On-time Delivery really started going down. Hope Fiverr will fix it soon, send that to Fiverr CS - Customer Support:

but for that order i have 30 days time delivery then why still going down?

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It’s just math. Has to do with orders falling off on a rolling 60 day basis. Imagine if you got no new orders after that late order. As orders fall off the 60 day window, and as that late order approaches it’s last day, your on-time delivery percentage would go down to 0%. Best thing to do is to make sure you deliver all new orders on time, and after 60 days you will be back to 100%.

Once it will stop but you need to get job and deliver it too early from delivering date then it will be once again to 100%.

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Sorry, I didn’t get you. Can you explain it?

Sure. The percentage (%) of jobs completed on time is equal to the number of jobs completed on time, divided by the total number of jobs completed within the past 60 days. So, any jobs completed, wether on time, or not, after 60 days are no longer factored into the equation. That’s what’s meant by a rolling 60 day period. Does that make sense?

Thank you very much for your timely response.

Sorry i was busy and i mean my rating is going down by down without any violations?