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My Ratings Just Dropped

I am finding it a little bit difficult over here. A buyer just cancelled a job due to late delivery and it has really affected my rating. Please, how long do I have to stay on a 4.6 rating? And how do I get out of it fast? I was making real progress, hoping to move to a level one seller. That dream is a bit high now seeing my latest rating.

Please help me with ideas and suggestions.



First, it’s never fun when your rating drops. Sort answer: The dashboard indicates “Maintain a 4.7 star rating, over the course of 60 days” so, 60 days seems to be the answer you’re looking for. Long answer: Delivering late is likely the biggest factor that will have a negative impact on any seller. Take steps to ensure future deliveries won’t be late, for example, consider adding an extra day or two for delivery on the gig you recently delivered late.
I hope this helps.


Yes… Thank you so much.

I just need to redouble my efforts.



Just Share your Gig On social media…

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Hi Joey, Your gigs look very nice! You can possibly raise your rating by adding a few more gigs and also as someone else mentioned, give yourself more days to deliver, so none are late :slight_smile: