My Ratting is dropping


My Positive rating is constantly dropping on the app.
After i received a poor rating it has dropped from 5 to 4.8, and after few days (no-order received) it fell to 4.7.
(Just delivered an order yesterday, 15 days after receiving the bad rating. No rating has been provided by the client yet)
but It has dropped from 4.7 to 4.6, Without any reason.

However, on laptop MY REVIEWS says 4.9

Any idea?

Drop in Positive Rating

Hi there!

The 4.9 is your overall rating, but the rating used for evaluation is on a rolling last 60 days, so it will change from day to day.


but no client has provided me any RATING in this span


That’s why it’s dropping. If you were to get some more completed orders with 5 star reviews it would start going back up.


Sadly it doesn’t seems fair and a little bit insulting too,
I have worked hard to maintain that and remained available to provide services.
Gave awesome work to the clients and Fiverr is Decreasing my Rating now.



I hope it picks up for you again soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, Lets hope.


Received rating but it went to 4.7,

Finally, Just got Demoted.
What a waste of countless sleepless nights.

So the Doer will be mutilated by both Fiverr and the Buyer. What a cruel process.