My Reader Badge


I didn’t get my reader badge even though i read all 206 comments from a posts.


LOL :joy: Why you are so conscious about the badge by the way?


Did you actually read each and every single comment of all those 206 you mentioned? Because I honestly doubt you spent so much time reading just for that badge.

Note that reading a few comments then simply scrolling through the others doesn’t count as “reading” :wink:

I think the way the Reader badge works is if you watch a topic, and post replies once in a while to that topic while also taking time to actually read other people’s replies, then you get one.

Still, I don’t understand why this burning desire for a Reader badge? You should stop worrying about the badges and be an active contributor to the forum, and then you’ll see the badges coming to you.

P.S. at first badges looked interesting to me, then I focused on actively contributing to the forum, and guess what? I just saw now that I have a lot of badges, and I don’t even know when I got them!

Bottom line: stop worrying about badges. Just be part of this community, have fun and contribute :slight_smile:


Exactly :heart_eyes::+1:


You can have mine :slight_smile:


You have got lots of badges already. Keep reading and this one will come. Meanwhile enjoy the forum. :slight_smile:


Yes, Just be a Part, why you are worried about badges… :wink:


Contribute to the community because you want to, not because you want a badge. The rest will come in time.


Bcz i really want it :sob::sob:


If you can go out to the comments sections theres a blue dot on right top corner of every coment when you read it out the dot will be fade out and i had fade out every dot


Thanks for this would love to have it :heart_eyes:


Yeah i had love to enjoy it :heart_eyes:


But why? You still haven’t explained why you want it so badly…

Do you really think that having all those badges has some secret advantage? Like becoming a TRS, a moderator, or get more sales? Because collecting badges alone will not do any of that. Those are earned by other means, not by collecting badges :slight_smile:


What happened here :slight_smile:


My dear just contribute in the community :innocent: You will get soon.


Have just checked and you have got it! Hooray! :smile:




Ohh yes i had it now


I am trying my best buddy :innocent: