My recent order deliveries are not showing in portfolio... why?


i have 8 orders and seven reviews on my gig,… but my last two orders of excellent review are not showing in the live portforlio … what is the problem…? guide me please


It takes some times to show on profile.


Your buyers need to check a box to say they want their work included on your profile or not. Some users don’t want that, so they won’t be shown.


how much approximately


i have not seen that option , and the other thing is that it is my portfolio why they have the rights ?


You did the work but as they paid for it, they own it - you have no rights over it once it’s sold.


before those two excellent review orders,… there was a bad review order i want to remove that ,… just from my portfolio… is it possible,…?


Not so much , it may be 10 to 15 min


No - portfolio items can’t be removed unless you’re prepared for a massive rigmarole with CS that won’t get you anywhere!

Better just to leave things as they are.


this is really bad for me,… i got two back to back excellent reviews but they worth zero ,… still that nonsense review is on my portfolio, although it was not my fault i met the legendary customer unfortunately.


Sorry for the bad experience you got. you just have to keep moving. goodluck.