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My Request for a Payoneer Card Was Approved - ***

Are any other people (already) with a Fiverr Payoneer card getting an email saying that their request for a Payoneer Master Card has been approved?

My card is nowhere near expiring and apparently I have just applied for a new one? Does anyone know if this is a glitch? Of course, I am going to contact Payoneer. However, it would be nice to know if I am the only one this is happening to.

EDIT: And there goes my love for Payoneer. - Apparently, they just do Fiverr-esq canned responses:


I also recive this. One of my friend also recived similier email. For both of us , we didn’t i ssue any new card :smiley:



This is quite a relief, thank you.

I thought my ex was back up to her old life wrecking identity theft tricks.


wired, they already issued a new card. Man global mess.



Payoneer support send me this :smiley:

A new card was ordered for your account because we no longer work with the bank that issues your current card.
This has nothing to do with you directly and the new card did not cost you anything.
There is no hacking or foreign influence on your account at all. We ordered the card.


new card was ordered for your account because we no longer work with the bank that issues your current card.

That’s wonderful, but, wouldn’t it have been a lot more reassuring and professional of them to send a letter to all their customers explaining this first and asking if it was ok to do this? Nothing like issuing a new card by surprise to your clients.

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I received the same message and contacted them just a moment ago.
I was wondering if it’s standard procedure to receive a card once a year.


Same message was sent to me. I guess this opens up a few questions. Like being able to continue to use the current card in my local ATM’s or even as a regular card as I have used it so far. I’m waiting for their reply on this.

Well, this is annoying *****. Apparently, I can no longer transfer my Payoneer balance to Skrill either. This makes Payoneer pretty useless for me now.

I’m really put out by the lack of email warning, the fact that my Payoneer card likely no longer works, (leaving me without access to my cash) and to top it all, the canned response which told me to contact my last payment merchant for assistance.

Are there no people left? Are there now just marginally self-aware Casio pocket calculators running the show behind everything? Where are the people who used to work in call centers and IT tech support? Have they all just been put in a cupboard somewhere and left to die?

All this soulless automation really rubs me up the wrong way. From now on, I only do business with people who employ humans.


Thats crazy. I hope they respond with a proper message soon. Fortunately I made my last widthdrawal yesterday and have not sent more to my current card. Are you 100% sure your current card does not work anymore?

No, I haven’t actually used it for a while. Last time was online to buy some PC RAM. We should probably pin this post until we know, as this could cause some people real problems.

I used mine just yesterday to widthdraw from an ATM. I will wait to see what they say and keep you posted.

I just talked to Payoneer’s customer support, they did have some issues with their existing issuer for debit cards, so they made a new contract, and changed the bank that provides the cards. Therefore, it’s free and it’s and automatic process. Maybe some of the mods should pin it.

yes but this does not help at all if we have to wait weeks and event months to get a new card while the current card is inactive. Mine seems active, but I’m hesitant to send anything to it. I hope they respond soon.

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Well, it would be interesting to know if this has anything to do with the Fiverr payment survey which went round a few weeks ago. i.e. What payment provider would you like to see added.

That said, I’m now discovering that Skrill (who most people want) doesn’t actually operate in non-SEPA countries anymore. In fact, it looks like the prepaid card/ freelancer payment system world might be getting a bit of a shakeup. Being in certain countries would mean that some people can only use Payoneer to get paid from not just Fiverr but also places like PPH.

Given the huge ties with (I am guessing) tens of thousands of Fiverr users around the world, you would at least think that a heads up email would be fired out. Instead, it’s like some companies would prefer to break their own arm rather than try and treat their customers with an iota of dignity.