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My request for service need someone who is located in Bangkok Thailand [CLOSED]


I am planning to make a promotion video,. It’s impossible to contract someone who is physically not in my city.
How is it possible to identify in fiverr the sellers in my city by the service they offer?


And Why is that so…?


Throw a “Buyer’s Request” with that requirement.


How can I shoot a video if the seller is somewhere else? When the people to appear in video are in Bangkok.


It would have been easier to have this option in choosing the sellers, more effective.


True, sadly there isn’t at the moment.

So “Buyer’s Request”, albeit not the best option, but would at least give you local Thai sellers?


If you’re going to hire someone from your own city, why going through Fiverr? Why not searching locally?

Also, contact outside of Fiverr is forbidden by the Terms of Service, and both you and the seller who accepts to meet you outside of Fiverr might get banned for it.


I know but sellers in same city may never see the request.
There is definitely room.for improvement of the process of submitting request for a job.


You are missing the point. This is specific situation where work can’t be achieved if the seller is not local. Why not have access to this possibility here in fiverr?
Isn’t something that should be addressed?
I am pretty sure, I am not only one who may be interested, it’s for the benefit of sellers, buyers and fiverr same time.


Well, either ask for it in buyer requests or put an ad in your local paper.

I think you may have misunderstood the point of the Fiverr platform - it’s for freelancers worldwide, who can basically remain anonymous - contact outside Fiverr is not allowed.


Again. Don’t understand why you are reffering to contact outside fiverr?
My point is to improve request process to allow this type of situations for the benefits of all stakeholders.
We are in online era, why suggest obsolete solutions, newspaper ads etc…
This can be accomplished here and that’s being creative and paying attention to the need to the community.
Let’s stay focused on finding solutions to real problem. Thanks


Because if any such features is introduced, users will misuse it to contact outside of Fiverr that is against the Fiverr ToS.


We are staying focused and working within the rules of Fiverr. If you want to find someone and physically meet, then you need to use a different platform as what you want to do cannot be easily accomplished on Fiverr - I’m just trying to help you stay within the rules.

Meeting face to face is an obsolete solution!


Because you’re talking about physically meeting with the seller in order to make the video. That’s contact outside of Fiverr, and it’s forbidden by Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

If you’re looking for someone local, Fiverr is the wrong place to look.


Wow. Didn’t think even a second of this, since if the request is made in fiverr, paiement made,. How can someone do the work outside fiverr.
Knowing that my seller is in same city doesn’t necessarily give to a potential cheater to know who is the seller before order submitted and payment made.
I just don’t agree on seeing only negative aspects in something helpful to many.
Who would cheat for 5, 30, even 100 dollars. Not many I guess.
Following this logic, we should forbid cars because people may misuse them and we can forbid almost everything if we think this way.
Anyway,. The glass is half full not necessarily half empty. There are more honest people in this world than we may think sometimes.


I think Fiverr would - picture this:

You hire me on Fiverr for $5. I come to your place to do a video - you pay me in cash $100 - Fiverr loses out on their $20 commission.

Now do you see a problem? It’s not a negative aspect - it’s just how the site works.


Exchanging contact information, when it is necessary to complete the gig, unless is designed to “circumvent or abuse the Fiverr messaging system or Fiverr platform” is allowed. Lots of jobs require contact with customers, like gigs requiring shipping. I don’t see how meeting someone in Thailand would violate TOS if it was required to complete a gig.

Having said that, I am regularly asked to work outside the platform. Obviously I say no. Fiverr’s paranoia about this is justified.



Hi @drargan,

The others in the thread have given you correct information. Fiverr isn’t the right place to hire someone that will work with you in person in your own region. If the newspaper isn’t a good solution for you, there are other sites that openly encourage hiring freelancers for on-site projects. I can’t refer you to them directly here, but you can find them by searching for freelance platforms.

We do appreciate that you hoped to benefit a Fiverr seller. Fiverr is really for the exchange of digital content in a relatively anonymous setting. On very rare occasions items may be shipped, but in-person transactions aren’t permitted. This thread will now be closed, but I hope that helps! Good luck finding someone right for your project.