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My requests keep getting declined!

I have posted the below request, but it keeps getting declined, I’ve read, and re-read the rules and it doesn’t appear to violate any of them. Fiverr is getting WAY too difficult to use.

Hi, I am the publisher of the bestselling children’s picture book, Harry The Happy Mouse. We would like to start selling tshirts and need a tshirt designed. We have paid two people so far on Fiverr, and they have been terrible! We have all of teh artwork, but are also open to new designs.

I’ve been using Fiverr for ages, and as I say, it’s getting too difficult, refusing the requests without explanation, you then have to guess what’s wrong with it! I for the first time have been forced to look elsewhere, Freelancer looks good, has anyone else used that?

That might be the problem. Maybe try replacing that sentence?


Thanks so much for the help! That line is true, and doesn’t violate any rules. I don’t name anyone, I just kind of wanted to warn off the same responses we’ve had so far!

We don’t know what the exact triggers are, but I’d leave out these

This combination might trigger auto-blocker thinking you’re a seller not a buyer.

I don’t think this is the root cause, but I’d recommend leaving it out. I can’t speak for others, but I usually stay away from such requests as it might easily be a very demanding client. I’m not saying you are because I didn’t see what was delivered, but I’m sure there are sellers who don’t wish to get into that.

Instead can you write something like this?
“We are looking for a T-Shirt design for the bestselling children’s book, Harry The Happy Mouse. We will provide you with the artwork, but we are also open to new designs.”