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My Research shows Fiverr ranks sellers with Minimum Gigs


I was Doing research work since last few weeks that How Actually Fiverr ranks Gigs. I analysed everything with SEO point of views but nothing work. Then I witnessed that the sellers who have 1 or 2 gigs are ranked higher than the sellers who have more than 3 gigs.
I analysed almost 50 similar Accounts and I found the same results that the sellers with minimum gigs are enjoying Good ranking as compared to the Other sellers. Fiverr does not allow Links to the Other’s profiles, otherwise i had to show some solid Proofs of my claim.

Note: This is my personal Opinion based on my research work, it may be wrong as well. Any action you take reading this Post is totally at your own risk.

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I bet yours is an interesting point of view.
Is it accurate?
To a certain point maybe, but I doubt that could be an important reason for higher rank.
If Fiverr benefits sellers with higher levels with the opportunity to add more Gigs to their accounts, then why put them back on the search then?
A lot of new people and not so new try to figure out how to go around the system.
Instead of trying to go around, a better tip for sellers should be to work hard, deliver on time and deliver good quality works.
I can understand the topic if you would like just to have a conversation about this, but since you posted it on “Tips for sellers” I must say that the information could be misleading.


Are you able to send me your data via PM? I would really like to see it.


@wuerz123 I think Fiverr is trying to give everyone the Oppurtunity to do Good business. As the sellers with minimum gigs have the less chance to get orders so Fiverr have ranked them high in the search results.


@dasarg I would surely wish to share it with you, but for now its not in a Proper shape. I will send it into you once i make it ready and give it a proper format.


Thinking and stating something are two different things.
I had to deal in University with statistics to prove my Thesis, I know what is needed to prove something beyond adding “I believe” to a statement.
If you can prove on which kind of information you’ve based your analysis I would be glad to see it.


Agree with this Point.
As i have mentioned above, i am not sure that this is the Exact way how fiverr ranks the gigs. i am just saying that the sellers with less gigs are getting high rank and may be Fiverr Prefer the sellers with less gigs as one or two gigs are easily managable as compared to five, eight or ten.


… and you will never be. And if for some reason one day you really are, then you won’t share that information openly for everybody to see. And if you do it, the next day Fiverr will change it, so nobody can benefit from it by just going around the system.
As @dasarg said, if you have info to give, I would be glad to see it.
Not to criticize anybody, but we should be sure not to give misleading information to sellers, especially new ones.
Someone could see that you would like others to have just 1 or 2 Gigs, and instead, you will have 15, and more possibilities to get over your competitors :wink: understand my meaning?
If it would be under “conversations” that would be cool, but as “Tips for Sellers” hmmm…


I don’t know why are you seeing this as a Trick to Get over my competitors or something like that. I thought it may help some sellers who are complaining for Bad ranks & No Orders. Think Positive :blush:


And I absolutely believe you, I have no reason to doubt that.
But facts are facts, and if we want to state something, then better something we can prove. :+1:


@wuerz123 Do you want me to reduce my gigs to prove that ? :smiley:


I would not ask you anything regarding your Gigs, they are your business and I won’t mess with them in any case.
Just (if you have time) send me some info where I can see your analysis, that won’t hurt anybody


Thank you!
I think you can take it as a Ranking tip only, It’s not necessary to try it, you can now Observe the sellers with less gigs and their ranking.


I may tell you something then.
I had at the beginning 6 Gigs active. As one of them became my best seller, I automatically started to get more orders on that Gig.
So many orders that I couldn’t deal with the other ones from my other Gigs, so at one point I had to increase the prices+delivery time.
When that was not enough due to the amount of work I was getting, I had to suspend/delete other Gigs that were not getting many orders.
For that reason, I have just 2 active, and many other sellers in high positions who work alone and have a lot of orders, concentrate in just fewer Gigs.
That could also be a good explanation for the results of your research.


Exactly, that’s what I wanna say. Fewer gigs are Easily Manageble as compared to many gigs. Your Delivery time, response rate and Order completion will be much Good with fewer gigs as compared to many Gigs and that;s why Fiverr may rank you high.


:smile: you took it completely wrong I’m afraid.
First comes the amount of orders.
Then comes the regulation of the amount of Gigs you are able to offer.

Not the other way around.

If you start with 2 Gigs as a newcomer, with no orders and no clients, you will just limit your possibilties to grow or even to start selling.
At the beginning you must spread your Gigs in order to statistically have better chances to get an order.
People who are in higher positions first got the orders (many) and then reduced the amount of Gigs. Because, for example, lack of time.

That’s why by looking at them, you will see they just offer 1 or 2 Gigs.

It’s another explanation to the results of your research.
But nothing can be said without info to back the statements up. :wink:


@wuerz123 You’re very interesting person to have a Discussion with but i Have to Go Now. You have two gigs only and are having decent Orders as well. It means you’re ranked with less gigs and it’s Possible that you may not had soo many Orders in Queve with Many gigs. BTW you’re Objecting my Research work Because you don’t wanna this trick to Go common and you Lose your rank to competitors :smiley:


Absolutely not my friend.
I appreciate people who do research (I do it myself as my job) so I have to deal with that kind of analysis.
I’ve actually explained to you why I have just 2 Gigs, and there is no secret on it, I just don’t have time to offer more, haha… :smile: simple as that!
If you get your sleep and wake up with fresh mind, maybe you’ll read what I’ve posted and see that there is a sense on it.
Believe me, I deal with this statistics every day :slight_smile:
Have a good night!


@wuerz123 That was just a Bad Joke, I know Being a Professional you have no such intentions.
Have a Good Day :slight_smile:


I agree with you…even I suggested Fiverr to limit the number of Gigs up to 3 or 5. Because, I also observed that people with a few skills or gigs are making more money as compared to multi skilled sellers.