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My response rate dropped again for no reason and this time customer support is not helping

I’m upset again at the response rate dropping for no reason. Usually customer support simply refreshes it and it goes back where it should be.

This time a customer support person, says she used the refresh for it but it stayed the same and she has some reason that makes no sense to me that it did not change.

I’m so tired of this and this is adding more to the problem. I’m just fed up with the response rate.

Does this make sense?

I provided a refresh, but there didn’t appear to be a change. Please know that since the response rates are only for the past 30 days, there may be a chance a previous response you received is no longer calculated causing the late message to make a slightly more effect of your account. Please let me know if you notice if it continues to drop.

I’ve been dealing with this for years and know how it works. Maybe I’m missing something in this explanation.


I actually counted up all my new incoming messages in the past 30 days and figured out what the percentage should be, and it is not 98% as it shows.

We’ve applied a refresh for your response rate and it is correct now. Depending on the conversations within the last 30 days, the response rate may change. How? The number of the conversations initiated with you in the last 30 days, from yesterday, could be higher, and today it could be lower, as the conversation from 31 day ago is no longer included in it.
Your response rate appears correct now and there is nothing else we can do.

All I have to do is count up the messages for 30 days and figure out how 1 late one affects the rate. Or maybe I’m not doing it right? It’s easy to find the actual percentage it should be.

I literally create a new ticket about this bug at least once or twice each and every week - it’s become a nightmare, and I even created a “quick response” to always send to CS when the response rate takes a dive.

So far, CS always refreshed it in no time and haven’t had the issue you’ve mentioned… what if CS got tired of us complaining about it, and started finding other reasons not do refresh anymore? :thinking:

No, it appears as if the CS person just didn’t know why that happens, so they literally can’t do anything about it. You could try submitting a bug report, though…

P.S. there was just one time when they didn’t do it, because I simply forgot to respond to a message, the first time it happened in over 7 years :scream: I’m getting old…

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there may be a left over message you did not see, I had the same thing and my response rate went down to 75

Same thing happening here as well.

I go over all messages constantly. I just counted up all my messages twice in the past 30 days and there is just one late one that I got 20 days ago. I was waiting for it to go back to 100% and today it dropped to 98% for no reason.

I’m frustrated that CS says it’s correct when it isn’t. Two of them say they refreshed the rate and it didn’t change so that means it’s correct but all I have to do is figure out what it should be, it’s easy.

Have you taken the spam messages into account as well?

I still unreport them, reply, and report them again, just to be sure (although Fiverr claims they shouldn’t affect us, but I’ve seen it happen before - and I like re-reporting spam for the kicks :smiley: )

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I always do that to spam messages, unreport them and then report them.

At first the CS rep said it was correct due to the one late one but I explained that it was at 99% already from that one, and it was 20 days ago and then she said she refreshed it and it didn’t change… but it SHOULD have changed …

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The only thing that I see remaining is a situation where a spam message reaches your inbox, and then becomes inaccessible even for viewing before you even have a chance to reply.

That happened a few times to me: I receive a message, I try to open it but the Inbox says the message can’t be opened or doesn’t exist, although I see it in the list of messages. Obviously I can’t reply to it since I can’t access it.

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The fact is that this should be at 99% and in 9 days go back to 100%, and it fell to 98% today for no reason, and for some reason CS insists it’s correct and they refreshed it.

Well, if there was one late response, then yes, it should’ve remained at 99% with my math. Unless Fiverr has a different math/algorithm…

I’d still submit a bug report, explaining the math behind it…

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Yes I think I will do that. I don’t like arguing with CS over this but it’s just wrong.

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If you find out from CS that there’s another algorithm behind the response rate, please let me know, too :eyes:

Like you I’ve been dealing with this for years and they always refresh it and it corrects but not this time…

When you do this once or twice a week for years you get a feel for it.

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I got a further explanation that only new conversations are counted so that might be it…

tomorrow I will have another look at it.

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mine too,i dontknow why :frowning: