My response rate dropped due to getting spam yesterday


I got some spam that I couldn’t respond to as I usually do since it had already been marked as spam and then my response rate dropped.

I knew it would do this. I always respond to spam so my response rate doesn’t drop but when I can’t respond to it, it drops. I tried explaining this to customer support and they didn’t believe me.


I’ve become so paranoid of this that I unclick the link where it asks something along the lines of “to be able to contact the person, unspam, whatever” and then I answer their message and then click the report spam button again and click it all off. That way I’ve “answered” the spam.
Since doing this my percentage is starting to go up again instead of tanking because of it being “locked”.


Yes me too only this time I couldn’t do that. It had something posted such as “this person cannot be replied to”. So of course my response rate dropped.


oh my, that’s horrible. :frowning:


That’s exactly what I do!


this is so true, it is happening with me too


After filing tickets every 30 days every month in response to a broken response metric since it was implemented, I quit caring and just stopped filing tickets. I seriously don’t even care anymore. Fiverr’s gonna Fiverr.


I’m still convinced it lowers my sales when it drops.


Don’t know, don’t care. I’m so busy publishing to my blog, live-streaming on my YouTube channel, and looking after my own mailing list of contacts that I can’t be bothered to care anymore about how Fiverr manages their house.


Dont worry about this.

According to fiverr team, it do not affect your profile performance. It’s just visual.

I responded EVERY message, and I actually have 96% response rating


My sales go down when it goes down.


I really think everything plays into the gig search algorithm. That would make the most sense and truthfully, how would Fiverr know which gigs to feature anyway? It’s definitely not a “luck” algorithm.


This exact thing happened to me a couple weeks ago. My response rate is now 99% and I suppose it will be for the next two weeks :confused:


This happened to me as well. I never left a single message unanswered and my Response Rate is still at 91%


Customer support refreshed my response rate to correct any imperfections and it went up a point when they did that finally. I hate getting spam that is already marked and can’t be answered!