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My response rate dropped

I’m so frustrated with myself right now. I’ve been on Fiverr for a few weeks and I finally managed to get in a few orders. I was so excited because I had one order already placed and another on the way. My phone went off at 4am the other day and it happened to wake me up (it usually doesn’t) and it was a new order notification. I wanted to provide the best service to hopefully get a good review, so I got out of bed to complete a $5 order.

I guess from being a bit disoriented from waking up suddenly, I didn’t realize that I should have responded to the buyer’s message in my inbox instead of on the order page (even though there’s a little message telling you not to reply in the inbox), so my response rate dropped to 88%. Otherwise, my profile would be stellar (despite only having a few orders).

This has really been a downer for me and I haven’t been that interested in even opening Fiverr today, but I did because I want to make this platform work for me.


I imagine it’s so frustrating !
I understand you.

What I feel to suggest you it’s to write to Fiverr’s staff at first, so as you talk directly with them to improve their site and help you to solve the problem.

Furthermore, I think you can do another thing that is to write on your profile or in your Gig’s description that you reply as quick as you can ( considering that you have a life out there too…where you also need to sleep and so on… ! ) and that you answer to buyer’s order page instead of inbox sometimes.
Therefore, you can specify that replying on the order page doesn’t influence your response rate which inevitably drops.

I hope that I helped you to solve the issue with these little ideas that came up to my mind.

Have a good day !!


Thank you! I already emailed customer service and they told me that they couldn’t change my response rate (not that I asked them to, I just wanted clarification on why it dropped) but to not be discouraged. It’s just a bit of a downer to see my response rate drop when I’ve worked so hard on my profile.


Man, that’s rough. I understanding needing reviews because I was jumping on the opportunity of getting a gig purchase yesterday, but lost sleep over $5 is just not worth it.


This may be helpful to you:


You need to reply to any message you get in your inbox. See the article in my post above.


Yeah, I figure I need to be as active and responsive as possible until I get my reputation built up on here.

Yes it is, thanks for sharing!

Lesson learned, albeit it was the hard way :smile:


I do reply to every message in my inbox within 3 -4 hours and my response rate STILL gets dropped anyway. Happens all the time, why is that?

Do you have messages in your spam folder here?
The message analytics are calculated on a 60 day basis. So, if you missed a message within the last 60 days that perhaps you have forgotten about, it can knock your rate down.
If you have answered each and every message within the 24 hour window, contact Customer Service and ask them to double check your response rate. I went through this a couple of months back where I was answering everything, and it kept messing my rate up - I was going from 100% to 83% it was weird!!! The guy was really nice, checked it and said I was right, that something had gone awry and I have been at 100% ever since. What was happening, is I had people spamming me - and even though I would send a note back within the allowed time, I was blocking them after responding - and it was messing up my response rate.


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