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My response rate dropping without any reason


I don’t know what is wrong my response rate is dropping with any reason. I complete my projects in time and even reply to messages within a minute and yet my response rateis dropping. I have fulfilled all the requirement to reach at level one and waiting for the evaluation period to end so that I could see level one seller badge on my profile and auddently my response rate has dropped to 89%. Will that affect in reaching at level one?


Completing orders on time has absolutely nothing to do with your response rate.

Yes, it will affect your ability to earn Level 1. There has been a known response bug, HOWEVER, the more likely cause is that there may actually be a 1st message that you have not responded to. It might be wise to go through your messages from the past 2 weeks, and double check whether you have indeed responded to all of them. an 89% response relate suggests that you have an unanswered first message somewhere, and it’s been eating your rating for a while.

If you truly do not see any unanswered 1st messages, then contact Customer Support. They are the only people who can help you when it comes to account stats.


I have a habbit of doubly checking messages. I don’t think I have left any message unnoticed.


Hi @abidhafeez

If you’re really sure you don’t have any uread message, then it could be due to a spam message that was flagged by Fiverr even before you could know about it.

Check your dashboard item “Inbox()” to see if it shows up any uread message that is not listed in your Inbox. If it does, contact CS.

In any case, if you’re sure of not having unread messages contact CS and ask them to please restore your rate.

It happened to me just 1 month after joining Fiverr and CS helped me restoring my RR. BTW, my rate dropped in just a few days.


Ok. Thanls for such a valueable advice.


O my god:thinking::thinking:


Same thing happened with me. :worried::confused:


I have contacted CS but haen’t got any answer yet.


Then you will have to be patient and wait for their answer. If they feel and answer is needed, they’ll let you know. If you don’t hear from them, that too is an answer.


Well! I have been answered and my issue has been solved by support, now my response rate is back to 100%. Roberto from support has adviced me to report spam immediately and not ignore it, ignoring it marks it unreplied message. But my inbox still showing 2 with pink mark which indicates 2 unread messages. Thanks for the rply.


I’m glad to hear that you were able to get this issue resolved.


Yes I believe that if we can communicate well and the message reaches across clearly, the issues get resolved. But the point to ponder is what those people would do who are excellent is designing but not good in communication? Fiverr should devise some mechanism to keep them alive too on fiverr, otherwise a lot of people would suffer without being on the fault. I got one order cancelled due to my customer couldn’t convey what he wanted.