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My response rate gone 4hours

My response rate has gon 4 hours anyone can help me to fix it?


No. If you want your response rate to be below 4 hours, you need to answer any messages you get in less time than an average of 4 hours.

4 hours is not bad anyways - it isn’t going to make you lose your level if you have one. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.



If a buyer wouldn’t work with you just because you take more than four hours to reply they are probably just entitled people and not worth working with or there is someone superior for their project.

So focus on becoming the superior person.

It’s not helpful to fixate on things like this. This isn’t what prevents orders.


In fact, the response rate is nothing for 4 hours, if you want to get a job, you must first be active all the time, then the response rate will be reduced in one way or another


Thanks you so much very helpful information


Thank you so much for tell this


My response time used to be 21 hours, now it’s one hour. It’s easy to bring back down by just answering fast to the next new messages. Also it didn’t stopped me from getting orders so I would not worry too much about it.

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You can also use fiverr mobile app so that whenever anyone knock you will get notification so u can respons fast…also ur respons rate will be down …

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That is totally false.

Being active all the time does not increase the likelihood of orders and it doesn’t increase your response rate.

Why are you making things up? Do you think if you can convince people you are knowledgeable you’ll get orders?

Stop spreading myths about things you don’t understand.

You have one review. One. Maybe you should have actual success before you can tell others how to be successful?


No it’s not possible to me