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My response rate has suffered because I didn't reply someone who was asking for a "job"

So I’ve been getting a lot of messages from random people saying that they want to work for me. And I found it weird. I mean, if you want to sell your services just open a gig, right? Why do I have to deal with these kinds of random messages about people asking me to give them jobs? Something is failing in Fiverr’s system?

So, I haven’t replied to the last spam message I got, because I was tired of answering these people. So I just blocked this person. And the first thing I noticed was my response rate dropped to %95from %100 percent. And now, after a few weeks later, I see that my response rate is down to %88 (I haven’t received any messages for weeks). I haven’t been receiving many messages for jobs at all. This is my first year on Fiverr and I don’t know if it is normal to not get a lot of jobs during these winter times. Is it related to my response rate? Fiverr is just giving me less visibility because of that so I am not getting inquiries?

So what I am gathering is, because of these kinds of spam messages, my response rate is suffering. What should I do to fix this? Why is my response rate is suffering because of non-client spammers? Should contacting customer support will help?

Any ideas?


Please mark the messages as spam and report them. Fiverr will make sure their messages don’t impact your response rate, but only if they know what is going on.


Instead of not responding or blocking them immediately, you can politely say no when you receive such texts next time. This will not let your response rate go down.


Reply to Spam asap like anything else then mark it as Spam.

It is a known flaw in the system that even when marked as Spam, a message is still getting its counter. then of course despite the known bug, those metrics are used to define your performance as factual 7 accurate!!!



Odd. I went to visit you and noticed this banner at the top of the screen:

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This seems to be a new addition to Fiverr’s collection of bugs. I keep getting it on everything.



The same thing is on your account too. Says you are no longer on site. It started a long time ago but yesterday, more frequently.


You’re all BANNED!!!

Me too apparently.

Seems no loss as recently about all I get is people like:

I need my song (that I won’t let you hear) sound pro like radio hits for $5-10 and first you need to send me samples of my track mixed. Must have 20+ 5-star reviews and Grammys and work in Grageband so you can send back the vocal presets for all the Waves plugins I own.

Yeah, sure, I’m dying to buy an Apple iAnchor for $2,500, then those six $30-80 Waves plugins that I will never otherwise use, and learn Garagband use so I can do 8 hours of free work for you in the insane hope that your song that is so bad you won’t let me hear it until I am committed will ever sound good enough for your to hire me for $5!



Just wanted to give an update for those who are having the same “response rate” problem.

I have talked to customer support. They said they can’t modify the response rate even though they understand that it was all caused by spammers.

So bottom line is I have to deal with my lowered response rate and hope that a client will send me a message before my next evaluation date (so I won’t be punished with a level demotion).

I started seeing that banner too. I guess, it is a bug?

Ughh…like I don’t have enough obstacles to clamber over. Now I don’t exist! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Unfortunately, we have to reply them. I started to get “give me a job” or “do you have a job” messages, when I started to communicate at this Forum.

I didn’t reply to such messages as well, and of course the rate of response was affected. So the best way is to send quick reply and block them.


Hey there - you have to use English in the forums. can help you if you don’t typically read / write in English :slight_smile:

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Thanks darling, I’m trying to figure it out. Nice to meet you. Good luck to everyone new.