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My Response rate incredibly reducing

Hello there,
I am really worried about my response rate :confounded: :confounded: I don’t know why it is reducing like yesterday my response time was 5 hours but I am getting it from today it is showing 16 hours. can anyone tell me how to improve it? and also my response rate is below 90% it’s showing right now 86%. please help me out to improve it :cold_face: :cold_face:


Response rate means time to response any first message you receive from a buyer. As faster as you respond, as higher response rate you will have.

Also, make sure you respond within 12 hours, or your response rate will start going down again.

I recommend you to download the Fiverr app available on both - Google Play and iOS. It can play a tune every time you get a message, so you can respond in time. :rocket:

By the way: There are almost no newbies who understand how the response rate feature works. Hope I helped you. Good luck! :wink:

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There is response time and response rate. :wink:

The response time :mantelpiece_clock: is the average of the number of hours or days it takes you to respond to a message from a buyer.

The response rate is the percentages of times you respond within :two::four: hours to a message :love_letter: sent you by a buyer.

Once you have responded to the buyer, there is no more need to worry about responding in less than 24 hours as you are scored only on the first response. :slightly_smiling_face:

Always respond within 24 hours to every message and your response rate should improve


but i didn’t get any message since 5 days

Thank you sir for your advice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’ll definitely go for it

responding as quickly as possible when potential buyers ask or ask some kind of question, for that you must stay online at least from the mobile application

The response rate and time both are based on the last :six: :zero:days!

got it now :star_struck:

I am confused. Last night when I first answered @mmr1998 the OP had a picture of a man. :thinking:

Now today, there is a picture of a pretty girl that according to my google image search is a pretty celebrity. Your profile says that you are MMR (Molly Morgan Reese)! Are you aware a famous person is using your picture? :scream:

Or if you have read somewhere that a pretty face it the way to attract buyers that is not true. Buyers can do reverse image searches as I just did and see that the picture is more than likely, not you. Also, they can search google cache and find that you once had a man’s image as your profile picture. :astonished:

When the buyer finds out your image is not your own, then they will not trust you and look for a more honest seller. :grimacing: