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My response rate is 60% and falling

No idea why.

I answer EVERY message within an hour, even during my ‘sleeping’ hours (because Fiverr customer support suggested this as a way to get my sales back, so I have set my alarm to constantly play whenever I receive an email from Fiverr, it wakes me up in minutes). Yet, it has gone from 100% to 73% to 60% over the space of 48 hours. I have answered the following:

  • All new gig orders (just one in the last week)
  • All gig updates from clients
  • All messages received, even spam messages.

    It is ridiculous. Average response rate, as far as I know, is an hour (I have not checked, it said that about 12 hours ago).

I believe there is a glitch. Mine started with a message that was auto marked as spam. I managed to unspam it but ever since, my response rate has been falling, even though all messages (and replies) are responded to promptly.

This must be a glitch as response time has remained the exact same as it was when I was at 100%. If one were not replying to messages, surely the time would increase to match the decrease in response rate.

I’ve read on the forum that other people experience this and also learning that messages were not showing up in the inbox.

Same to me (1 hour avg. response time and answering to all messages, but they say I have a 92% reponse rate). They are the bosses and they are running their business how they want.

@ryangillam, just reach out to customer care and ask them to address asap, confirming your situation. Their response rate sometimes has some issues and it’s up to us to let them know all queries were answered timely but yet faced a drop… They will correct pronto.


From what I’ve seen a lot of people are having this problem. I’ve left my comments on this thread:

I think it’s broken and needs to go away, personally.