My response rate is getting low?


I don’t understand the situation! My RESPONSE RATE was 100 percent! I usually use fiverr through the computer! But I have a mobile application of the website in my phone! But in my phone the date and time was wrong! It was a few days before in a real time. And when I went to my profile via the mobile app, it became 0%. What do I do now? I answered to all emails very quickly! Help! Thank you


Just keep up the responses to your customer’s queries as fast as possible. We are humans behind the computer (and mobile screens) and we do sleep at least 6 hours per day. (I sleep 8 hours btw, I am a natural). So, it’s absolutely fine if it fluctuates between 80-100%. Anything below that is not good and may put off buyers from contacting you due to huge delays.

Moreover, It’s not as crucial as the positive rating percentage (which if drops, can lead to Fiverr hampering your responses to Buyer’s requests altogether :confused: )


But Its not my mistake. Response rate low in moment!


If you feel that your response rate is unusually lower than you’re actually active on Fiverr, then please contact to customer support. They will help you :slight_smile: