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My Response Rate is going down

My Response Rate is going down without receiving new messages

That happens quite often! Customer Support can thankfully correct it for you. Although I haven’t yet seen any difference whether is has been 97% or 100%. Not sure if lower numbers do have an effect.

I have contacted Customer Support a few times and they really helped me, correcting the responsive rate.

Now things are getting worse. I send a message to a seller to buy a service and my response rate went down…

How did they correct it? Mine has gone down the last few days to 93%… it’s been at 100% for months… and I’ve still answered every message I get within 1-2 hours. I wonder what is going on?

Response rate has never worked very well as far as I can tell. I wouldn’t even worry about it in most cases. I contacted CS when mine plunged to 27% on a day when there was a scammer sending a bunch of blocked messages. They set mine back at 100% which they are very good about doing. I don’t think it affects you much if at all if it’s fairly high, like 80 or above.

In two days, without receiving any messages my response rate went down 10 points to 82%…

I got some good news! After contacting the fiverr support and they checked my responses, support brought back my response rate back to regular level. Thank you fiverr support! Great job!

It had went down for me as well and seems that it is growing up fine. I haven’t contacted customer support yet. Let’s see.

Response Rate is being counted on the limit of 30 days, I believe it will be okay once 30 days passed, also i hope and believe that you must receive messages before this date any time, but be careful and dont miss it, If you thinks it not working i would suggest customer support to explain them this issues you are facing,

This is a very old post.

@gameartgiger If you want help just create your own topic and those who wish to will reply to you.

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Sorry I was reading this post and I replied to it-

why does it bothers you if it can be Helpful!! instead of creating thousands of posts why not one post :slight_smile: thank you!

Asking for help in the middle of someone else’s post is considered as spam and not how the forum works.

Here are the rules: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's for future reference.

Okey thank you!! I understand- but to be Honest I didnt liked this rule!

Whether you like it or not. That is how the forum works!

Thank you for Educating!

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Here is the main reason why (imo):

Fiverr is a very dynamic marketplace/platform. A lot of things keep changing on the regular. Therefore, responding to a post that’s old would cause confusion if the topic that’s being discussed has undergone a lot of change since the OP’s first post. So, if you were to create a new post that’s discussing things as they stand now, it would cause a lot less confusion for the new comers as well as the experienced sellers alike. Since forum posters may not know if something about the stuff that’s being discussed has undergone any changes since the first forum post, it is always a good idea to create a new forum post than to resurrect an old thread.

You may not like this rule, but the above-mentioned reason is why it should be enforced. :slight_smile:

This is also why forum moderators frown upon the resurrection of old forum threads from the grave. :wilted_flower: :wilted_flower: :latin_cross:

@gameartgiger I don’t think you can create anymore posts as the current thread has now been closed by the mods. You can, however, edit any of your previous posts to add the message that you’re currently typing. Just a heads up… :wink:

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