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My response rate is low .please help


Sheriff’s note: spelling edit - changed from ‘LAW’ to ‘LOW’ because it irritated me every time I read it

ok thanks

yeah Fiverr wants EVERYONE to have the “LAST WORD” with this new system…lol


My response rate 100%… maximum time i response in 10 minutes expect when I am sleeping.

Wow @madmoo I think you should post a discussion, to let others know about this, because I am pretty sure in this forum a lot of persons thought that it affected nothing much, because I did so as well.

If you want an official answer to response rates, check out Fiverr’s recent blog post in regards to this:

Also @kjblynx - people can see your response rate? I can see that yours is 1hr?

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Reply to @madmoo:

hmmm weird because I can keep my response rate at 100% normally, until someone replies to one of my responses, then it seems to drop back down to 93% until I reply again…lol Unless I’m missing something but who knows, I’m not to worried about it either way. But it SHOULD work like you said for sure, I’m going to go scour my inbox now to see if i missed something :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up though @madmoo appreciated!

My average resonse rate is 63% and my saled dropped like hell :bz

So this is why my sales temporarily TANKED.

This system is poor and makes actual delivery and quality of sales 2nd to “last word”.

boo this. boo that