My response rate is not 100% but I respond to all enquiries?


Hi guys,

I’m a bit bewildered with my response rate. A few days ago it was a lovely shade of green and 100%. I have and always duly respond to all enquiries, messages, etc, and for the past couple of days it’s been an orange 89%.

What am I doing or not doing?


Mine skips around at random also for no reason. It inches up then drops, over and over. Maybe it’s fake. (just kidding)


I am at 88%, 85% yesterday 90% few days ago.

Obviously not accurate. And a little degrading :frowning:


Mine dropped as well to 96% suddenly, even though I’ve answered to all messages, except those that have already sent me tons of messages and that don’t need a response, like “Ok.”.

Though I did notice one my orders had a red timer on it that said this (See attachment) even though there wasn’t any messages or order updates, as the buyer just submitted order details like normally. I had to reply something to it to make the timer go away, but it stood there ticking down even after the last message was from me.

Then about a day or two later I dropped to 96%, so not sure if that was it.

But I don’t care, as my 4k reviews gig has not been in search results for a few months now, so Fiverr has not given any visibility to my gig even though I’ve had a perfect 100% response rate until now.


I too believe there are issues. Two happened to me a few days ago.

1st time: I replied to a buyer, yet there was a warning that my response time will go down if I don’t reply. I even replied twice with a hint for my buyer to test things, yet the warning did stay and my response time went down :slight_smile:

2nd time it was a spam message. The message was deleted, yet it did show that I have a unread message and the count went down again :slight_smile:

Seems to be still a few bugs in this system, but then again, the response time doesn’t seem to be too important to me, so it’s no big deal on my side. Just wanted to share what the reasons might be for debugging this.


Same thing happened to me. I answer all messages but my response rate dropped for no reason. It seems that you age out of the older, fast responses, leaving less fast responses and have a couple of responses that did not get answered fast, so they now have more of an impact on your rate. At least that was how CS explained it to me. Seems more like a technical issue but I was assured it is supposed to be this way and everything is fine. So when 30 days has passed since the 1 or 2 late responses you will again be at 100%. I don’t quite understand that explanation but there it is.


I feel your pain. 97% response rate, even when I always reply. I don’t think it really goes toward anything, so don’t stress it!


Thanks ladies!

It certainly is annoying - I’m in Australia and get a lot of messages from overseas clients; I have a pretty ridiculous timezone issue working against me, and I’m obviously not going to get up at 3am to answer a message from the US promptly. I think this is also contributing to my response rate. Grr!

Thankfully I’m not really stressed about it, it just… bugs my inner perfectionist! :wink:


Mine has also dropped and now is 85%, but I always respond fast to every message, so I guess it must be a bug.


ahh! This is killing me as well! I respond to all of my messages… it was 100% – and now down to 58% overnight.

I did a “request a gig” thing - and got like 58 responses - most of them not good… does that mean I have to write back to ALL 58 people - to get my 100% response rate back?

This response rate is more of a curse than a help!


I answer every message and always have 100% response rate. Recently it went down to 75%, then 50% and today it hit 0%. When I put my mouse over the response rating it claims I have responded to 0% of my messages yet my response time is 3 hours. The entire system is just broken as far as I can see. I contacted CS and they said sorry for the inconvenience, but still maintain that it is working. I’m hoping CS will fix this - I’ll post an update if I get one.


Woke up this morning and now my response rate is back to 100% (which is lovely) but the time says 1 day instead of the usual 3 hours. Oh well. This feature is a total mystery to me. Let’s hope Fiverr replace it soon with a simple icon next to any messages that are awaiting a reply - much more useful than a seemingly random %.


Mine dropped down to 99% and I don’t know why, I’ve always answered every post on time

Just one odd thing I recall: I got a notification on my mobile (new message at inbox) but no new message was there, maybe it was deleted by Fiverr due TOC violation and that’s the reason I couldn’t reply, but I don’t know, just guessing!


Same Here :frowning: I responded all new Messages within 2 - 3 hours. My Response Rate was 100% but now its drop down to 98% :frowning:


I think That once you respond to all messages quickly your response rate will to be affected. My response rate fell down to 95% but I answer most messages with the first hour maybe one and two within 3-6 hours.
I realise that when I change and start answering with the first hour it changed to 98%. So I guess we have to start responding within the first hour every time.

The response rate is not visible to anyone but you so at this time even though it’s annoying I wouldn’t pay it much mind.


Reply to @madmoo: ahh!! I just saw you replied to my post – goodness sorry I didn’t see it until NOW!!

So my response rate was like 52% for a while because I couldn’t respond to everyone after a mass influx of request a gig responses LOL BUT – it went back to 100% after that month had gone by…

by the way - you are an inspiration – love your creative gigs!!


Well, same happens to me!!! There was a warning that my response time will go down if I don’t reply to one of my buyers message while my reply was within 20 minutes! Then I replied second time, but the warning remained and after the response time got over, all of a sudden response rate dropped to 86%! This is really ridiculous I suppose! They, the fiverr web admin’, cannot see any bug!!!


Yes i feel you my friend. i’ve been prompt to respond my clients as i think it’s essential to every buyer but for new inquiries the rating drops for no reason from 100% to 80% that’s not reasonable. Wish Fiverr will find solution for that soon.


It happens sometime even your reply all the messages but response rate will decrease . Kindly contact with Customer Staff they will fix it again ! Hopefully


make a ticket to fiver it will make it 100% again… simple. I also faced the same issue …