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My Response Rate is reducing is it because no one has contacted me in a month?


I don’t know how to remedy the situation. My Response Rate has reduced to 88% from 100% over the past couple of weeks. This means I might return to level 1 tomorrow. In the last month only 1 person or so has contacted me and I missed the persons message because I received no notification on my phone or it got mixed up with all those ads to buy Fiverr courses. This is not fair. If people are not buying or contacting me on a regular bases do I get punished. What’s Fiverr’s plan really?


You really aren’t even working at fiverr. If you had answered that message it would have helped a lot.

If you go a month without a sale and only one message which you missed does it matter what your level is?


What you can do is send multiple offers in the buyer requests section to requests you can do. That will increase the chance that potential buyers will contact you. You can then reply to those buyers within 24 hours and it should increase your response rate if you do, which will help it get to >=90%.

Also, check the inbox on the Fiverr website or notifications on the web site that you have a message there.


Thanks! That sounds like a good idea.


Because when you lose a level, you lose the perks that come with it.

Level 2 allows you to have many more gigs than Level 1.

Also, some buyers may filter their search to only Level 2/Top Sellers in order to ensure the best quality.


I know a level zero seller who does extremely well. Levels don’t mean much at all.

When I did the best here I only had two gigs. Don’t make generalizations that aren’t true.

I know a seller who earns $9000 a month with two gigs.

If someone goes a month without one sale they need to realize that their level doesn’t matter. They need to either stop pretending they work at fiverr, or do something on fiverr they can be good at and make sales at.


Are you referring to me? I am Level 0, too, and do well. But I could do even better at a Level. I didn’t say you can’t do well without a level.

I said nothing untrue. I explained how the Level system works. In Level 1 you get to have 10 open gigs. In Level 2, you get to have 20. There is also quite a bit of evidence that Fiverr favours people in Levels in their algorithm.

And you CAN filter by Level in Fiverr’s search engine. It isn’t a stretch to infer that some buyers may use that filter.08%20AM


I don’t know you. No I wasn’t.


Ok thanks. Sorry about that.