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My response rate keep reducing

Please help, my response rate keep reducing

If you mean response rate than the way to fix that is to respond to every message within 24 hours.

If you mean response time then the way to fix that is to respond more quickly than 24 hours to messages you receive.


I’m pretty sure it’s the first message you get off a buyer/potential buyer that counts. Enabling Fiverr notifications on your phone helps. There’s only so much you can do though. You can’t help it if a buyer messages you while you are asleep (I get this a lot with USA buyers being on a different time zone).

Yes, you are correct. The first response is the one that counts.

True, you cannot help it if you get messages while you are asleep (I get many messages from the other side of the globe too). The thing is Fiverr gives you up to 24 hours to respond before it affects your response rate.

The response time is a different issue. Mine is currently one hour. I check my messages before I go to bed, then I sleep for 8 to 9 hours. Get up enjoy my coffee, and after about 10 hours since I last checked my messages, I sign into Fiverr and respond to my messages.

So, you can get a good night’s sleep and still keep both your response time and response rate up. Also, remember, only the response rate affects your stats.



For maintaining Response Rate I will suggest

  • Be Online most of the time or check every hour for Buyer’s Messages.
  • Replay As Soon As Possible.
  • Most Important Replay every message within 1Hr.

This will help you to Maintain Response Rate.

Note: The maintaining process will take time. Don’t hope for the instant process.


That is not a good way to get a good night’s sleep! :scream:

Did you read what I wrote about Response Rate and Response Time? :thinking:


Thank you all for your response. I am quite familiar with response time and rate. The problem is I do not have new messages that I did not reply. I found out some other place on this forum that it is an issue from fiverr. I guess I’ll have to contact CS to sort it out.
When I posted this, my response rate was 75% and now it has dropped to 60 for no reason.

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My response rate is 100%
I get around 10 to 15 queries per day and I reply to most of them within an hour. Except the ones who contact me while I am asleep (I reply them within a maximum of 6 hours)
I am using fiverr’s mobile application and I have turned on the notifications. So, whenever someone contacts me I get a notification and I try to reply as soon as possible.

If you try to response with in 24 hours and even try to do fast than your response rate will increase

It could be that you are getting spam messages that are not showing up in your inbox but may be in your spam folder.

It has been said on the Forum that even though Fiverr says that spam does not count against your response rate or time that it actually does. So it is always safest to make a short reply to spam, such as “No, thank you.” and the report it. You can also block the person that contacted you too.

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I have no spam messages. From the set time to now, my response rate has reduced further to 50%. There is a glitch somewhere

I contacted CS about this when it happened to me. When I pressed they told me the exact buyer and time that I responded after 24 hours.

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