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My response rate went down because I sent an offer instead of a text message


My response rate dropped without reason so customer support said the reason was that I sent a custom offer instead of a text message.

Funny, it dropped today but I sent that 12 days ago. It was accepted also.

It seems to me that sending a custom offer in response to a message is a response. It also seems to me it would drop after 24 hours, not 12 days later.


Sometimes, fiverr CS will only give you a reason which appears to be irrelevant.
How should this possibly affect your response rate? Considering the 12 days interval, I don’t just understand myself?
Just try to respond to messages more so as to make it move up again.


I sure hope it is counted as a reply!


That makes no sense whatsoever. I wish CS would fix these bugs because they truly are annoying, to say the least.


Once in a great while, I see a little red clock next to a message I haven’t responded to but not usually.

I get many messages a day, and if I only had a way to see which ones had not been answered it would be a big help.

Instead, I painstakingly click on each message I’ve gotten within 24 hours to see if I answered it or not. There is literally no way at all to look at the list of messages and see which still need to be answered.

If ten messages come in close together, I can look at the list and usually manage to see all ten and answer them, but in reality, I cannot tell where the new ones end and the ones already answered begins.

The unanswered ones used to be a totally different color but not anymore.


I’ve had this issue as well… and sometimes when I respond on my cell - the same messages appear to be not responded to on my laptop - with the green new message - not grayed out.


I don’t have any type of color difference between answered ones and unanswered ones.


Weird! Let me take a screen shot… to show you… brb

LOL I actually can’t because all my messages are answered. :grinning:

It might not be green… maybe it’s white or orange - but whatever the color is - it’s not grayed out, so they appear unanswered, till I click them on my laptop.


I think there is.
Anytime I have an unread message, the sender is always highlighted white on my inbox page.
You can also seen unread messages using the filter in your inbox.


Just use the filter option in your inbox


I just tried that and they are all ones I have answered. Yes they are all green, but they are messages I’ve answered and the person replied and they do not require a response.

How do I filter out the ones I’ve not ever replied to?


Do you have the app?


Yes why?:neutral_face:


White and green are all mixed together and have no bearing on if I need to answer or not.

Right now I’ve answered all of them but a few still show as green, since they answered me but I don’t need to answer them back again.


Then go to your inbox through the app, you will see the filter option. Click unread, and you will see a list of all your unread messages.


If you have not read a message, it will highlight the sender using a white opaque colour in your inbox.


I can click on unread in my inbox but they are not ones I need to answer.
They are ones I’ve already responded to and they then respond to me but I don’t need to keep answering.


If am getting you right, you are saying your unread only displays those you have responded to and then they replied you back. Am I right?


Well if I had one I had never responded to it might be in there somewhere to but how would I even know? It would look like the rest of them.

How can I tell if I need to answer or not when they all look like this:


Yes you are right, and that would be a great stress to search it out :confused:
But don’t you always see an opaque highlight on some messages in your inbox?


They all look like that when I click on unread. Or they are white.

Either way I have already answered them.

I get a lot of messages. There is simply no way to tell if I have answered each one or not.