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My response time and response rate is messed up

Hi guys,
I am very confused by the response time and rate on my account. About a month ago, I missed about 3 messages that I replied to late because fiverr didn’t send me notifications for them. As expected, my response time and response rate went way down. But since then, I got my response time back to 1 hour and my response rate up to 80%. However, I can’t seem to raise my response rate at all now; no matter how fast I respond to messages or how many I answer. AND just today, my response time went down from 1 hour to 1 day…even though I didn’t have any unread or unreplied to messages. I wasn’t late in replying to anything recently, I have been very careful about that. So I’m very confused why Fiverr is showing that.
Any ideas?

Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

It’s on a 60 day cycle, so those messages that were very late should stop affecting your account after another month. Please see: and

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