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My response time is being weird

My response time says one day even though I have responded to all my messages… it made my response time go down to 75 %. Why is it doing that? Thanks!

Response rate means; “How much time do you take to reply/respond to a user’s message, when they text you.”

On you profile, I can see that your Avg. Response Time is 1 Day that means when a person message you and you reply to their query after one day.
Did you understand now?

Ah, yes. Thank you. Is there a way that I could set a time where I won’t be answering messages besides out of office?

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I don’t think there is.
As long as you answer each first message from each buyer who messages you within 24 hours the response rate should be 100%. If it’s less it means you haven’t done that for one or more messages in the last 60 days.

It can get lowered because of spam where it says it won’t affect your response rate but it can. If that happens you can get CS to fix it (that’s why it’s probably best to reply to spam before flagging it).

Okay. Thank you. I saw someone’s thing say something like, “this user is not accepting messages at this time.”

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