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My response time suddenly dropped to 20 hour from 1 hour

My response time has increased suddenly from 1 hour to 20 Hours and now “more than a week.” I was constantly responding all the messages within an hour. Can anyone please guide what I have done wrong or why is this happening?

Please help, I am so worried.

I’ve had a problem with my response time too. In the app it says 1 hour, but on desktop it’s 9 hours and in red. I don’t know what happened since I usually respond within an hour and if that isn’t the case, the latest I would reply would be 3-5 hours, but nothing close to 9 hours.

It’s okay what matters more is your response rate which you should at best keep above 90%

Exactly, same case with me. In mobile app, it shows the 1 hour but on laptop it says “more than one week.”

My response rate is 100% btw

I guess it’s some bug or something… Or I don’t know what Fiverr is calculating or basing on with regards to our response time on the desktop.

On the other hand, it’s great that your response rate is at 100% – at least this one isn’t bugged as it would greatly affect our stats and levels.

that’s a real problem !!!

But how can i resolve it?

yepp same problem here too :frowning:

when your buyer contact you make sure you reply their message instant. And that’s the only way to make your response rate less then 1 hour.

you did a lot of works you didn’t have to worry about this dame things. Just boost your sales good luck for you