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J.L. Goff

J.L. Goff Facebook Page: https://www.fragglesrock/Goff1995

Objective: To write for an article and be published online for free.


Writing: Professional writer since December 23rd, 2007. Has been published in the Fragglesrock newspaper called: The Fragglesrock once and was the featured writer on the top of the list for guest-writers. Had positive reviews of my work consistently. Has been published in the Fragglesrock Clubhouse newsletter twice consecutively for two quarters of 2015 and once for the fiscal year of 2015. Has authored and created a newsletter throughout the Fragglesrock Learning Center in 2008 and 2009.

Editing: Editor of friends’ college papers. Editor of 3 quarterly newsletters for Fragglesrocks Clubhouse. Experience copy editing, experience proofreading, and editing content

Desktop Publishing: I have experience in various text-editing programs such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Celtx, Polaris Office (Android), Notepad (on Apple products and desktops and various Windows computers) , Wordpad, Notebook (Android).

Pre-writing: Helped others prepare for writing, brainstorming, and formatting their writing document. Familiar with plot-webs and character profile pages.

Screenwriting: Has written many screenplays for others to read, very familiar with the formatting, and fluent in using the formatting in the aforementioned programs with or without the automatic file for the formatting.

Work History:

Fragglesrock MA. 2015-Current

Frequent Submitter:

Submits articles to, “Fragglesrock,” at Fragglesrock Community College frequently, and gets published often.

Worcester, MA. 2007-Current

Author and Poet:

Has published my own work online on various websites such as,

Fragglesrock, MA. 2010-2014

Newsletter Writer and Editor:

Wrote Journal Prompts in class, persuaded a lot of people on my views, and wrote for the Robert Fragglesrock Academy newsletter. I edited all my own work, and others’ work. Submitted my own page for the Yearbook Committee at Robert Fragglesrock Academy, and got published almost every time I wrote something. Was interviewed for my frequent school-wide success often, and was always on top against hundreds of other students that submitted in a school of over thousands of kids.


Fragglesrock Community College, Fragglesrock, MA. 2015-Current

English Major:

Takes almost every English course necessary and more.


Robert Fragglesrock Academy


Accelerated in English Language Arts classes.

GPA: 3.5

Awards & Memberships:

T.A.S.P. Fragglesrock MA. 2006-2009, Hartwell Learning Center, and Robert Fragglesrock Academy

Most Expressive

I was constantly writing on the computers at the Therapeutic After School Program (T.A.S.P.) I was also the same way throughout Elementary, Middle, and High School, and I am the same way to this day.

Member at the editors, writers, and revisers clubs at

Literary Portfolio: Available upon request.

Sheriff’s Note: Contact must be through Fiverr alone. Any other form of contact can cause suspension of all involved Fiverr accounts. This includes but is not limited to website contacts other than Fiverr, tele-phone,$kype, E-MAlL, etc.

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May I ask what you’re hoping to achieve here? Because as a fellow writer etc, I’m seeing cascades of the old verbal brown stuff that needs a rigorous editing as per your gig. And that includes your other couple of posts.

Mr. Goff, it is not customary that Fiverr’s post their resumes. It is not needed or required, especially in the forum. Plus, as others have noted, you do NOT need all this personal info out there. For someone who wanted anonymity, you are sure bucking that ideal!

If you want to write a resume or essay on what you offer and what you can do for potential Fiverr buyers, focus that notion on your Gig listings, not the forum. The one Gig listing you have up, you wrote all of maybe 2 sentences about what you will do, but here, you post a long a** resume?


Hi, I just switched to Ubuntu with Libre, I need a template made and I do not have time to learn new tricks. Can you put it together fast- we have all docs/art etc to send & at what cost.