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My revenue is $8, disable account

Hi everyone,
I hope you are fine during this pandemic situation.
My account has been disable,now my revenue is $8. is it
is it possible to withdraw this amount?

Please let me know,

Thank you,

You will be able to withdraw it after 90 days

thanks, I tried today after 100 days.,
But fiverr require minimum $20 to withdraw!
How can i withdraw ? are there any way to withdraw?

It’s not fiverr it’s payoneer. I Can’t advise you anything as you can’t change payoneer rules and policies :woman_shrugging: Fiverr allows to withdraw any amount so it’s not their problem anymore. You can try to contact payoneer and ask them what you can do in this situation.

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No you can not,

Contact customer support may be they will be able to help you! but I doubt it you will get them

First withdraw needs to be a minimum of $20 in paypal ( not sure about Payoneer)

Thank you all,
I am contacting with customer support.

Stay safe, stay alert