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My Revenue is Gone from Available Funds

I watched it clear and then my available funds go to zero. As in $0. No cancellations. Nothing to remove it. Every single time there is some kind of change my entire profile in some ways goes haywire.

I wrote Customer Service but have received absolutely nothing back as usual. I am so thermonuclear angry about this. To quote Big Perm from Friday, playing with my money is like playing with my emotions!

Anyone else have this issue? I already don’t receive notifications, some orders go missing until AFTER delivery. Is it me, it my profile bugged? What? I’m at my end with this joint.

My balance did not just disappear. But after I made a withdrawal, that was just it. No money, no word from payoneer and all my support tickets are not answered by Payoneer. I do not know where my money went to.

This is so sad. Fiverr sellers are some of the hardest working people on earth.