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My Revenue is Now Missing!

I understand that the trouble ticket system is slow, but when you got to cash out and your hard worked revenue is no longer there I can’t just wait and wait. It cleared and my Available Funds went straight to zero. This is several days now without help from CS. We count on those days and that revenue. In fact, I budget my time on my payouts.

It would be nice to have real time customer service for the 20% that comes out.

Does anyone from customer support actually read through these bugs? I cannot believe that my revenue is “completeing” and then going into the black hole of nowhere. This is ridiculous, and no one from customer service is getting back to me. I’ve been sending them messages for DAYS and nothing.

I don’t think they actively read the forum. Perhaps every so often.
They have a crazy-high ticket cue because of all the site problems since their last update. Only thing I can think of is to try contacting them through twitter. Maybe they can escalate you , maybe not. :frowning: