My revenue panel not updating


Hi, guys can you help! I am geting new order and the payment does not appear on my revenue panel.

I contacted fiverr but they hv not responded. Should i leave my orders un hold until they do?

What if i proceed with others and i dont get paid?

Really dont know what to do.


you keep doing orders completed as before. it will add to ur account. I think only you cant see the progress but it is increasing.

I had a problem with this but not about updating(i don’t know it is or not), and it is i can’t see the revenue page at all.

These may help you:

update your browser(regardless it is already updated)

update your flash player(regardless it is already updated)

clear the browser sessions and cookies, actually all the data beginning of the time.

and restart the machine and see it is fixed.

if it is not fixed, log in from another pc or mobile or something, and if the current issue is there also, then repeat the above for those devices and relogin.

please reply.


I had this issue also, reported it a few days ago. I was updated earlier about it being fixed. Is it fixed for you now?


thanks guys. fiverr fixed it for me. :slight_smile:


This happens now and then.

I’m going through it right now. I’m still waiting for orders to clear from the 18th of last month.

Like I said, it’s happened a few times. I don’t even contact support anymore. Let the ticket go to someone who needs it more. I know that eventually it catches up.