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My review about after 4 years

Hi before writing a review about Here is something about me. I am professional WordPress designer and developer. I trained thousands of people in Pakistan on Freelancing. I worked at Microsoft Pakistan back in 2013. Now I am top rated seller on various freelancing platforms and I am the founder of software house with 50+ team members. My direct clients are over 2000 and I have a lot of experience in design, development, and marketing.

Good points:

  1. Fiverr is good when you are getting started.
  2. You don’t have to bid for the projects.
  3. Payments are secure.
  4. Notifications, apps and communication system is great.
  5. You can earn a handsome income for yourself ONLY.
  6. Analytics and reporting features are amazing.

Bad points:

  1. Working on is extremely challenging.
  2. The clients are mostly cheap
  3. Fiverr support team is the worst.
  4. Long term success is difficult.
  5. Working on Fiverr is frustrating.
  6. Fiverr always gives you a sense of insecurity.

Do I recommend Fiverr? Yes, it is good as a side income for students and starters. But for experienced people like me its NO more attractive as it used to be back in 2015. It is getting down day by day.

A story at the end:
There was a dispute on fiverr for $200 I provided 100% proof of work exact before and after screenshots with proof and backup and changes on live site but guess what fiverr support simply cancelled the order and returned the amount to buyer and gave me a warning saying buyer was not satisfied and even today after 3 months the changes are still on his site and he is happily using it.

Now on the other hand, on another freelancing site upwo** there was a $100 dispute and they did took me and the buyer on board in same chat and that did not resolve the issue then they hired a 3rd party and split the bill in three parts and eventually i was decalared correct and amount was given to me and upwo** beared the loss.

Lesson: Please improve your support team.


Respectfully, I disagree on all of these points. Yes sometimes they can SEEM true temporarily but overall, they are not correct. Those are very blanket statements not in keeping with my reality aside from it not being easy, point number 1.
I am speaking as someone who has been on fiverr seven years.

There are waaay too many people who make very good incomes on a very steady basis on fiverr and are quite happy to be here for those to hold true.

But to those who think they can do better elsewhere, then why not do it.

Those who make big money on fiverr on a very steady basis for years are not the ones complaining on the forum. I offer this opinion not to be argumentative. Just my general impression on being here for so long.


It is really hard to get the first and the second order on fiverr. Its hard to get the ball rolling as a beginner. And through your experience here, I’ve got to know things which I didn’t know about. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. :innocent:

Yes. Everybody takes things differently. For some, fiverr experience is good, for some moderate and so on. Experiences differ. Thanks for sharing your experience. :innocent:

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Thank you for expressing your point of view. I assume you are only selling on Fiverr, perhaps.
For me, working here is becoming more and more challenging every passing day, the algo changes and people with less than 10 reviews come on top and the thousand-plus reviews gig appear at several pages down when the analytics are top-notch.

I have serious concerns about the support team because they have never ever supported me as seller one single time. Always they listen to the buyer, and I have lost around $13,000+ with such disputes. Most recently, someone took 4 times work and confirmed everything and i delivered the order and also after a day he went to support center and then his order was cancelled. WOW. ahan and guess what the genius on the support team made a mistake yet again. Which I clearly mentioned and they said i am sorry for the inconvenience, what kind of support is that?

Ever since I started on fiverr my incomes are not so great when the amount I earn from other platform are far bigger and I provide the same services and I make 3 times more amount. This is the comparison I can do because I sell on other platforms as well.

This is what I have experienced, it does not mean everybody should necessarily agree to my review. It is my experience with fiverr in 4 years of working.


There are competitors everywhere, we should learn how to win the competition with smart tactic.

The freelancers with few number of reviews only who are cheap. They can increase the price on future.

The worst from any side?

The success it depends on your situation, someone says that $100/month is success, in an other one that amount is a prize.

That’s quote it depends on your philosophy on life.


There should be value for those who have thousands of reviews. Not just someone creates a profile and appears at top.

This is the issue, someone new and cheaper doesn’t let you earn more. I have tried it for years using a lot of ways and two times fiverr suggested me changes and I did it and it went even worst.

They do not support sellers. As soon as buyer says they will file a complaint the support team goes and cancels the order right away without asking the seller.

The earned amount is low.

Something might happen and fiverr will brake my bones or simply kick me out. Thats what happened to most of my friends and most of them were at right. If the support team listens and decides carefully it can increase trust with the sellers. I know thousands of people in my circles which use fiverr and they say the same thing that fiverr support does not listen.

My main issues are low income after years of work and bad support team. That is what I think the issues are apart from the good points I mentioned above do read them as well.

For the most part I’ve found fiverr CS to be incredibly kind and helpful. Obviously, a small number of their decisions haven’t made me happy - but on the whole, they appear a great deal more approachable, helpful and accessible than on other platforms.

OP - you mention that at least one of the buyers that have cancelled is using your product on their site. My advice to you is to take screenshots of that, together with your delivery files and follow up with CS - politely! - indicating that the buyer has been … less than honest with you and with fiverr. Occasionally, this will get you at least a proportion of your money back - and that from fiverr’s own pocket.

When you approach CS

  • Be polite always
  • Give them a very short summary of the problem - they’re overworked and don’t have the time to read a novel.
  • Attach screenshots demonstrating your issue

In this way, I’ve always found them very helpful.


Any online work gives you a feeling of insecurity. Sites disappear every day. Things happen suddenly in online work so you do have the sense of insecurity. Try having your own website, and trying to depend on google.


Its good piece of advice, my review was about fiverr only. But I do have my own software house which is separate.

I have tried many many times and there is a huge list of tickets in my support forum. They probably dont take Pakistani sellers that seriously as they do others, perhaps. I have never heard such thing they fiverr is really supporting the seller and not only me I am trainer who have thousands of examples from Pakistan.

I do remember one time, my client from US contacted his lawyer for me then they approached fiverr legally and the matter was resolved within a day but that is not the case for Pakistani sellers, at least not for me.

CS don’t like to be overwhelmed with tickets on the same thing. It’s not polite. If you have a problem, you need to be patient … and understand that other people have problems, too.

I agree with that but my issues are not resolved even then.

Well, as I said, I’m not always happy with their decisions either … but you really don’t want to get to a place with CS that they just ignore you. Which is what overwhelming them with tickets will do …