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My Review Regarding Covid-19

n this tragic situation ,whole world is suffering by not only with the fear of Covid-19 but also with the unpredicted social and economical changing situations.What is FEAR - forget everything and run OR face everything and rise …choice is our now and we have selected the later one bcz its only the possible way to secure and save the humanity in this crucial time ,in my concern this is not the issue of one nation or race its the issue of humanity .Its time to assuage the suffering humanity ,to raise the slogans of help and to work in the united straightline…but its pity that inspite of working on to get way out of this pandemic disease ,we are now active to show the authenticity of individual point of views ,spreading the insurgenic situation.Its time to feel the affableness of human’s condition.At this crucial time we have to realize the dire need to create the sense of responsibility.Its time to act with the perspective of the betterment of whole not of some.
Now we have to raise the level of sense from the criticism to the level of correctness.We have to avoid to raise question against the policies of govt bcz its not the time to play the blame game ,its time to realise the corrosive impacts of disease and the effects of Corona on the developed nations which is a clear source to imagne what will be happened to us if we will not change our attitude towards it.Instead of finding faults in the policies of govt, suggestions ,remedies by the doctors and spreading the superstitious views, we have to spread the true soul of crises and the ways that can take us away from this wrath of Allah.According to current news 44 patients in Iran are suffering bcz of using the booze recomended in social media 's cure of corona.
Its our moral duty to firstly confirm any point before uploading it on social media regarding remedi or cure of COViD 19.
At that time we are not only facing covid 19 but also the conspiracy on the social ,political and religious grounds ,what will the end of situation when the nation and concern authorities are not on the same page about the dealing apparatus .
I think only the true sense of realization about the situation and by spreading awareness we can be able to tackle the situation to some extant.we have to realize the percipient difference between the fastly spreading pandemic virus and our resources to control it.

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That’s quite the impassioned speech. Hard to read with the errors, but impassioned.


I am not a professional writer just tried to express my views

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Ha ha,anyway thanks gor trying

The very least you could do was format the freaking thing.

You don’t need to be a professional writer to do that.

Paragraphs man. And punctuation.


And taking the time to type “because” instead of “bcz”. Isn’t “bcz” for 12-year-olds texting their friends?


I didn’t read it, can someone translate? A mini summary will do.

Something inspiring about the human condition and how we have a choice to rise up and not die. Paraphrasing.


Yikes! :hushed: I’ll be honest I was trying to keep a straight face. But it just erupted. :grin:
I couldn’t hold it, oops!

I want to beat COVID19, OP! :+1:t4:


Paraphrased (like, really condensed):

I know I’ve missed a few points, and this was really rushed, but I think that mostly covers it?


Thank you, that was sweet of you to clean it up and summarize. :slightly_smiling_face: :sunflower: