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My reviews have bad one on top, good one moved down in order?

I see that a bad review has been put on top and a good one moved down even though it was just one day ago when it was given, the bad one is on top from four weeks ago. I haven’t seen this on others who sell love spells. Look at the times for these reviews.

I only have three bad reviews for this gig and it’s been here six and a half years. I only have 5 three star reviews, yet this bad review which is discouraging is the one they moved to first place. The most recent review from a satisfied repeat buyer from one day ago has been moved to third place.

I haven’t checked others who sell love spells, but I’ve seen the same thing on the main gig of another seller (from a completely different category). It’s this new thingy called “Most relevant”.


How is it that after over six years with only three bad reviews they choose one that is basically a bad review to keep on top? And the good review from one day ago is bumped down.

I don’t promise the love spell is going to work instantly upon delivery.

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How is a review considered “most relevant”? That seems counterproductive to the 60-day review system which requires you to be relevant every day.


I don’t know, but I’ve noticed that it works the other way, too (if your latest review is lower, one of the earlier 5 star reviews might show on the top).


I have one from four weeks ago saying it worked for them. Why not put that one on top? That’s not relevant? Or a repeat satisfied client is not relevant? Just the one saying they can only give me 3 stars because it hasn’t worked yet within one day is relevant?

I’ve only had one guy who tried to get a free service by demanding a refund immediately say he expected it to work instantly.

The mystery of one of Fiverr’s algorithms… And possibly not a bug, but a feature.

Still, have you tried contacting CS?


With a gig of your kind, it seems unreasonable to hold a review hostage like that. He even states he knows it will take time.

As a Buyer, I would read over several reviews and make an informed buying decision based on your work history and not one bad review at the top… But then, I’m a Seller too.

If this becomes a thing for all Sellers I hope Fiverr plans to educate Buyers on how to read gig reviews (and read between the lines).


I will later when I calm down. It’s not like it’s a bad gig that people hate. It’s been here six and a half years making people happy.

I have noticed it before on one of my gig. 4.3* review shows at the top. I think it’s a feature. Who knows!

I wonder how they are calculating most relevant review. Other gig’s have 4.3*, 4* reviews too but 5* is showing at the top.

It seems odd that they reward good successful gigs this way. I am wondering now if they want me to remove it. So others can make sure to put horrible reviews on their competitors knowing they will stay on top.

Those are reviews so they are public.

edit: I removed them

Could “most relevant” be based on the length of the text in the review, with the longest review being on top?

edit: no that doesn’t always seem to be the case (I’ve seen where shorter reviews are on top). But maybe it takes other things into account. Maybe review length could be 1 of the parameters but not the only 1 (maybe review date is also taken into account or maybe how different the rating is from the average?).


This is really weird. Hopefully it’s just a bug following the one with disappeared dashboard.

I even checked my reviews on my gigs. All seems normal (though I didn’t have any bad reviews in the past 3-5 months)

Off topic: but its almost made me cry to see and again read all those amazing reviews from my clients. :see_no_evil:


Ok Awesome! Just checking

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I have looked at the time frame and I think they are calculating relevant one based on the 60 days/ 30 days time frame and showing the lowest review within that particular time frame. It will be horrible. If someone intentionally left bad reviews we will be stuck to it for 60 days/30 days time frame. :weary:

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The other gig I’ve mentioned (the one where the same thing happened) is also very, very successful.

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@catwriter Are you saying they moved a good review to the top of the other gig you saw this on?

No, they moved a bad (and not at all recent) review to the top.

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@catwriter Was it a top rated seller? (Just wondering what the thought process is here.)