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My ROCK tip for new sellers!

Please do not wait for just buyer’s request to get the first order. Advertise, advertise, on other social media platforms from the beginning. Buyer’s request is a great way for buyer’s to see you if they are interested, but the net is such a large place for other interested persons to see your gig. Best “ROCK” Wishes.

How to promote new gigs?

Share your link on other social media platforms. Best wishes.

What is the best way to …

Doing this right away, as I’ve signed up yesterday and looking forward to my first order. Thank you :slight_smile:

This post is really interesting. Some gigs are really very useful. check my gigs:

Ok very well @logodesigndesk

Ok @clippingpathlab

@dil2014, once you have a facebook and or twitter account, just let your followers know about your services, best wishes.

Totally agree! From what I can see here, you need to give new members to fiverr before you can expect fiverr to find you new buyers.

Plenty of new gigs are still at 0 orders weeks after they have been published.

This is why I’m currently setting up social media, asking potential customers about specifics on my gigs (what they would love, etc) - and when I launch I should have potential customers lined up already. Hopefully, long-term facebook fans, too :slight_smile:

Pretty sure that’s the proper way to do it but we’ll see :slight_smile:

If you optimize your gig for search results within Fiverr (title, description, and tags all matchy-matchy), that’ll go a long way, but speaking for myself? My sales only stay steady when I keep busy on social networks and sharing my content there. No social activity = no traffic = dramatically fewer sales.

@gazme_seo, yes I learnt the hard way. Better to start from early. Best wishes.

@jamesbulls, thanks much!