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My Roommate's Account was blocked or eliminated!

I want to know what can we do in this case. My roommate is a creative writer, someone who loves his work, and he doesn’t like the medicry, his account was canceled or eliminated, I don’t really know which one. his score is 5 stars and all his orders, since he is on Fiverr. This morning a client scored his work with 1 star and told him that all the work was plagiarism, because I check it on Google, claiming that Google told it it was plagiarism. My friend asked him how he check all that on google, and he gave the client the tools he use to check all his work with a anti plagiarism online software, but the client said that google told him that and he wanted his money and he would report the case.

My friend send a message to custom center, but a couple of hours later his account was blocked permanently, for violating the fiverr terms.

NOW. why the custom center took this dessition without confirm and check the story from the other part, to check who is telling the truth? why didn’t talk with the seller first who gets a perfect score from long time in the system? why deleted the account from a seller just because one client report something that he doesn’t know explain how could check that is not totally from my friend’s mind? Now he is feeling really bad for this and he doesn’t know what to do. Because he is right, he didn’t plagiarize anything, I was there when he was searching the topic from the client and writing using his own style.

I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks!


You are surprisingly emotional in response to these actions against “your roommate”. What terms (from the TOS) did Fiverr tell your roommate he had broken? I see a few likely options based upon what you wrote, but I would be curious to see what was quoted in the message Fiverr sent when the account was blocked. Care to share?


Wow, your roommate sounds like a dashing chap. He must be VERY proud to have a friend like you to fight his battles. :muscle:t3: Accounts are not banned without legitimate and severe action. 5r Staff doesn’t take banning lightly nor do they enjoy banning people. There’s typically more than one action for them to ban an account. If your friend was dinged for plagiarism that is something that is frowned upon.

Did “Your Friend” present his case clearly and politely?

Remember, there’s probably more to the story that “Your Friend” is not disclosing.

Another thing you can relay to your friend is… 5r sees everything. When a person thinks he/she is getting away doing shady practices, think again. I’m not accusing your roomie of anything sinister. However, trying to play victim if TOS were indeed violated. Umm, that’s not a good look and would infuriate 5r Staff even more.

Hmm, remember this is between the friend, the client, and 5r.


Thank you for reply, and yes, I check and talk and I trust in him because I have a lot of years working with him and living with him, and I know how transparent he is. the thing is that the support no respond to him, and he gets all the information to proof that he is right. but know how his account is disabled, he can’t contact support, or get into the forum. So, I am trying to find the way to help him.

I had a trouble with a client a year ago when his wanted his money back 3 months later, and he made a case, but in that moment I went to the support and we can resolved all with problem, and I know that exist people that wants to other people works for and then they took all and make the possible to make things no right to get all back.

This case was so fast and we didn’t time to talk with a customer, and I don’t know if exist a phone number to call and check what he can do for it. and I am clear how much cost to him get his profile to level 2 and with 5 score.

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i will upload It when he wake up. I read it when he told me but I don’t remember with exactly what the message said, but it’s something about originality terms and conditions on plagiarism and lack of professionalism. I will upload the email when he wake up.

He could contact Fiverr through the email address.


thank you so much, I will tell him to contact them from this way.

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I appreciate how much you want to help your friend but why get so involved yourself in this?
He is a good writer. Why can’t he take care of it himself?

If your friend sent something he copied then he deserves to get his account banned, just like if your friend has two accounts, he should feel lucky if he is allowed to keep one of them. Did he have more than one account? Because if he did then you probably should let him know that’s against the terms of service.

he keeps in shock with this, and well, I am fast to resolve problems, he just stays there thinking what to do, :slight_smile: I am a machine to keep working and get results. he doesn’t have another Fiverr account, I will let him know to create another one. Thanks.

Hi JonBass, Here is the capture from the Fiverr team


PLEASE don’t tell him to do that as that would be YET another ToS violation. Your friend cannot create another Fiverr account when a previous account of his has been suspended/banned by Fiverr for ToS violations.

Your friend will need to take prior permission from CS; only if CS gives permission can he create a new account. If your friend doesn’t take prior permission from Fiverr, it is very likely that they will ban his new account too.

“We reviewed your deliveries and determined that they were not your original work”

:arrow_up: Well, there’s your reason. Fiverr has tools to determine whether or not the work delivered was plagiarized, and they have determined that the delivered work was indeed plagiarized. However, they are probably not going to share their proof/evidence with your friend (cuz of their privacy rules, etc).


ohh this I didn’t’t know, thank you to share this to me, I am really new trying to help someone with this kind of problem. Thanks for you the advice.

Take some time to read the rules. You friend was banned for a good reason, fiverr has determined that what he has submitted was not his own work and I am sure they have their own way to do so. Do you both use the same computer? Also you could use snipping tool just to highlight the message and not post the entire window, now I know you use a lot youtube, facebook, hangout, translation website, upwork and your name is Sergio, please use the vast resources available in Fiverr to learn more about the system, rules and regulations and more.


he probably did break some rule.

Hi Abdulmoti, He has his computer and I have my own computer. The point is that there is no reason, I checked all what he did, and he worked as always does! searching the topic and writing as he usual does. and I sorry to send all the screen, he sent me that and I just uploaded hehe, and yes he works on ********* (another marketplace) too, but anyway, the case is that, he uses several program anti plagiarism to check that what he write does not look like another article on internet, and always works for him. but this client just said the was a plagiarism and just said that google said that, nothing more. And he is very careful with the political services and the responsible of that. I am like him on that way. Fiverr is his primary job, so he backup a lot for that. He made a folder with all infromation he used to this client and explain all what he did to the support email that someone else give it here.

Mod Note: marketplace’s name removed.

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then his best chance is to keep communicating with customer service.


There are ways to trick anti-plagiarism tools, but a Google check will reveal that a text was plagiarized (and where it was plagiarized from). If that’s the kind of proof that the buyer submitted (the link/screenshot of the website with the same/very similar text), there’s no reason for Customer Support to ask your roommate anything before closing his account.

(Of course, I have no way of knowing whether that’s what really happened, all I can do is guess)


We check it and no, he didn’t, he did as always does for every work. I checked with him to see if was something different but no, the client just said it was a plagiarism and we check all with the softwares anti plagiarism, with the 3 he uses and all is ok. And Fiverr didn’t give him the opportunity to defend. Because I know exist people that just wants to desrtroy the lives of others, and clients that maybe didn’t use the correct way to check the order, because I’ve seen cases.

Exactly, we checked all that even using google and of course there is some information referring to that but know the same, we did all what the client supposed to do and all content is original. that is the point, and well he wrote to the support email to see if they can help and check all that manually and proof that he made it.

What Fiverr stated is the final answer on this issue. They appear to have fair evidence that what your friend submitted was not his own work. As has been expressed a few times now, Fiverr has ways of confirming this. They are not going to ban an account without evidence to support that action. Your friend must have, therefore, submitted work that was not his own – regardless of what you say. Fiverr does not block or remove accounts without good reason.

The only course of action is to contact Customer Support. You’ve been provided with an email that your friend can use. If Fiverr chooses to be generous, and change their previous ruling, great. If not, then you have your answers, and your friend/roommate will have to move forward with his life/career from there.

I know this may not be what you want to hear, but it is the truth of the matter.